[kag] Re: Hoover, FTF? Jtee, leaving?

  • From: "Lloyd Baker" <binrat@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 18:39:00 -0400

Hey, wait a minute.  I can still beat him to FTF's as I am jobless at 
present(no orange smock for me, sniff).

I can also take short jobs in Kingston and beat him that way, I know his 
darkest secrets to "Lunchtime Caching"

Oh, and goodluck Jtee on the new posting in Hamilton and the lofty position it 
comes with, cheers.  It was a blast racking up the numbers all over Ontario, 
New York and Nova Scotia with you. hope you get back this way from time to time.

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  From: Lib Mendonça 
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  Subject: [kag] Hoover, FTF? Jtee, leaving?

  Congratulations Hoover! A good day's hunting in Kingston, and a FTF in Remote 
Sensor's backyard! *lol*

  On the other hand I'm sorry to see jtee leaving! Such great caches and a 
terrific cacher! Come back and visit us sometime! 

  Now Remote Sensor has all the FTF's to himself!



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