[kag] Re: HELP! Repair a green eTrex (DIY/low cost/free)

  • From: Free Float <freefloat1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 21:33:46 -0400

Where are these other forums you mention?  I've never heard of them.


Date: Fri, 6 Jun 2008 18:11:01 -0400
From: greywynd@xxxxxxxxx
To: kag@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [kag] Re: HELP! Repair a green eTrex (DIY/low cost/free)

Post on the central ontario geocahers forum, as well as the oga forum, I know 
when it comes to the etrex type units, there are different people that have 
resurrected them using parts from other partly dead units. 

There may also be someone that has a partly dead unit that you can get for 
parts, often the little joystick button dies, if yours works, maybe you can 
rebuild it that way.

Don't give up caching because of gps problems, there are lots of people on 
'budgets', as well as those that have more available funds, so if you keep 
asking around, I'm sure something will turn up.

Mark (aka Greywynd)

On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 5:41 PM, FreeFloat <freefloat1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


FreeFloat here.  My boyfriend, ash57005 on GC.com, has a green eTrex which 
recently has begun malfunctioning.  It goes through its normal screens and 
seems to do everything normally....... except that it NEVER acquires a signal, 
even under clear blue skies when my yellow eTrex beside it acquires in under a 

This has made him very sad.  I've offered him the use of my yellow eTrex but to 
him, it's just not the same.  He's actually talking about quitting the 
sport..... and has handed over his TBs to me to "grab".........

Moreover, he's now talking about not wanting to to go GeOCanada 3 as he won't 
be able to participate!

Ohhh noooooo!

I don't want him to quit Geocaching.  He got quite the kick out of the sport 
(check out his profile).  However, he's in between jobs and I'm stretched quite 
thin so neither of us can afford costly repairs or replacement of his 

Can anyone tell me how we can repair this GPS cost-effectively?  It was bought 
used so we'd be ok with taking it apart if it's a simple fix.  (we both have 
some background in electronics)  Alternatively, is there someone in town (or 
nearby) who could fix it for us inexpensively?

Quick responses would be most appreciated........ perhaps we can still talk him 
back into the game!!!


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