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Unfortunately a good portion of the old rail line will be taken up by the Wellington Street extension.

Of course, you guys do realize that the K&P trail funding will disappear into the black hole that will be the LVEC project once it starts going over budget?

The Kingston Locomotive Works shipped engines all over the world. Queen's Archives has the company album of their projects. Loads of them went to South American jungles and various places in Africa, too.


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Hlo all
I could not see the map, but it makes sense - the old railway line went down along in front of Fort Frontenac, past city hall and the railway station (now tourist info).
There was a small freight yard where confederation fountain is, and the tracks carried on block D, where the Montreal Locomotive works were. The railway engine "Spirit of Sir John A" was built here in Kingston, at those works.
There is an excellent aerial photo of all this at Red Lobster.
Oh my God... I am such a nerd.

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    I picked up this weeks Kingston This Week newspaper and there is a
    insert from the City of Kingston in regards to their "Group of 7
    Community Priorities".

    How does this affect us, very simple, they want to EXTEND the K &
    P Trail from Little Catarqui Creekto Orser Road and by the looks
    of the map could even start at the Causeway.

    I smell many new caches in the future, woo hoo.

    Here is the City's website on the entire project.


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