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  • Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 14:40:57 -0400

If you really want to do one, you need to start it now as it will be cutting
it close to insure that they are here in time.  If you have some questions
you can contact me.  If you are  looking for a trackable minted coin, I
recommend landsharkz.

On 5/11/07, Steve Hanes <stevehanes@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 A total of two for Aldy and myself please.



"How hard can it be? Buy a GPS, look up coordinates online, and go find
them. Piece of cake!" - Gryphon.


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How many people would be interested if we made a limited run of GeoCanada
event coins? I'm feeling inspired.

Curtis Ireland
Team Jevre

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