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MY GARMIN MAP76 CSX is awesome and well worth the investment. It is pricey but it wonderful, colour screen, waterproof, floats, USB and is able to download and display geocaches from the sites with no problem. Well worth the investment and a real charmer! For those who are serious about GPS investment this is the model to go for. Mr friend's 60cs wet blanketted and completely destroyed the system so buyer beware about the Garmin "WATERPROOF" claims. If you search the internet you will find that the GARMIN products are not fully waterproof...none are actually---as customer complaints and Garmins fine print also explains so don't get too wild about it being water-"PROOF". The Colorado will be great but the 76CSX is amazing! I agree with Shane that the RHINO IS COOL TOO! I almost invested in that one but needed a floatable version due to kayaking.

I went over to Watertown to purchase mine at the WestMarine and also invested in their three year total replacement warranty. Become a West marine advantage member and rack up some discount certificates too. If you get a good price KINGSTON MIGHT MATCH IT???
Talk to Gabrielle here.
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I've convinced a friend to take up geocaching, and she wants a recommendation on what GPS to buy.

I use and like the garmin etrex, which is now $99 at walmart (wow!). However, I have to plug the numbers in manually (I don't have the cable, and I think the cable goes to a nine pin serial port, which is not available on most modern computers anyway).

The new COLORADO looks awesome, like it was specifically designed for caching. But the price ($500++) is prohibitive.

Does anyone out there in the kag group have a suggestion for a decent GPS which comes with a USB cable, and maybe holds/displays the cache info as well as the coords? Price is important. Base map would be nice, but not neccessary. I love the NUVI line, but it doesn't do distance/bearing, so is no good for caching at all.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Happy New Year,

Dave (hamburking)

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