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> Canine Crew posted a note for Admiralty Islands Splashdown (Event Cache) 
> at 10/18/2004
> I didn't see how to post on your list.  So I'm adding a note here.

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> Main Duck and Within Range you WILL NOT have time to get to.  They are 
> out past Picton and you're at the mercy of the weather.  Pontoon boat 
> wouldn't be advisable.
> It's probably over an hr from Gan to Kingston and about 1/2 hr from Gan 
> to Rockpoort.

We have been talking recently about which caches to try for. General 
opinion so far is to go to the four around Gan, and then see how much time 
and fuel we have left. We may go to Rockport too, but maybe not.

> Also marine chart would be a good thing to have.

Good idea. We have nice maps from paddle1000.com, but they are not real 
marine maps. I'll ask on the list of anybody has some.


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