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  • Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:32:09 -0400

Thanks, Binrat. No, he's fine. What happened was I was blindly following the GPS and I sent Philip back to the head of the trail. He thought I sent him back to the head to bushwhack to the cache on higher ground. When Cameron and i got up and around to the van and couldn't find Philip, I was confused. When I heard his terrified screams floating through the trees, I tore off down the path. A tree branch caught Cameron in the face and scraped his cheek and neck. I saw his hood get flipped back, but I figured he was fine because he didn't make a sound. His mother threatened my very life when she saw his cheek. LOL

Running full sped through the woods to help my eldest child while I still had my 25-pound youngest strapped on has done my back in. I'll be laying low for a few days. Thanks for the info.


binrat@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

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Hi Team Cruachan,

Sorry you could not find "Osprey".  I almost gave up, but shut down the GPS and played 
"where would I hide it"  I did advise CJLM and gave them new co-ords.

The rock face really plays havoc with signals.

CJLM also kindly fixed up the "Casino" cache, you have got to go see the camo 
job on the new container.

If they do not address the changes quickly, here are what I think the new 
co-ords are.

N 44° 21.585 W 076° 04.240

I hope poor Cameron was not hurt too badly.


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