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  • From: "Dana Pilling" <bluesaway@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 03:01:38 -0400

Thanks for the heads up!  Will definitely be there, however I will have to 
figure out accomodation (for a couple of hours?! - or not bother!?) as Anne 
will be residing in Grand Cayman and strangers are now living in the house!

I will be visiting her over the Christnas holidays - hope to get the 16 caches 
there between diving and snorkeling and exploring!  

Too bad the Saturday cachers couldn't make it to Verona this summer.  The offer 
is still open.  Have you heard about Pain in the Aspiration?  I don't think I 
will be trying the Amiat one after reading your comments!  

Glad you were able to get a bunch of caches here this summer - talked with your 
brother in law at the recent get together - the things boys do when their wives 
are away!!!! 

See you soon, Dana
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  Go and Get'em 11 by Canada's Capital Cachers GAG Committee (GC15RBJ)

  You'll notice that it requires a charge for the fajitas buffet, but we think 
that people were spending that much and more at previous events and we'll be 
getting a much bigger venue for our dollars..... line dancing anyone? There's a 
cash bar for the thirsty.

  You're welcome to attend in costume, though Zartimus has a head start on us 
all, but it's not really a Halloween event, it's a GAG event!

  Please purchase your tickets as early as possible so that we can plan for all 



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