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  • Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 22:46:13 -0400

Are you sitting on the fence about attending GAG11?

    You better hurry and get off it! Looking at the numbers we are closing in 
on a full house  not all those have paid.  The committee got together and 
noticed some OBVIOUSLY  missing names!!!!!!  We realized that if just some of 
those  obviously missing cachers were to buy a ticket today we would be sold 
out :'( :'( and you may be pushed off to the wrong side of the fence!   :'( :'( 
The side with no food, no shelter, no prize, no fun.

    Please remember that the Lone Star needs to know the final number they will 
have to feed a week in advance!

    This means that if you turn up at the door on Saturday night you stand a 
good chance of being turned away – no room, no food, sorry!

    A ticket is required for entry, and they're being sold via PayPal or in 
person through Model12.

    Please don't delay and guarantee your seat at the event by buying your 
ticket as soon as possible. Thanks,

    Remember only those with paid tickets are guaranteed to get in to the 

    here is where to buy your ticket:
      * Cowboys & Cowgirls 11 and over: $25.00
        * Buckaroos 6 to 10: $15.00
        * Little Runts 5 and under: free


Do you have your ticket?  I hope to see you there!  Any questions?

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