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I recently asked the Park Warden of Frontenac Provincial Park why he had removed "Loads of Toadstools" cache, since I understood it to be outside the Park boundaries. I've included his reply, below, because it illustrates the bureaucratic/administrative mindset very well:

-no, we think it was within the park boundaries
-it's bad for the environment (litter, spur trails)
-people might get hurt
-people might do inappropriate things

With such people in control of the Parks it is obvious to me that geocaching will never be a sanctioned activity in Ontario's Parks. Pity....


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Hello, Thank you for email with your inquiry as to the removal of this
geocache. The geocaches Divergence and ZNP1 have also been removed
according to park policy.
To best answer your question, the locations for two of the waypoints and
the geocache were carefully examined in relation to our maps and found to
be in Park Boundary.
I have contacted the owners by profile email hoping that they would respond
and return to the trail center to pick up the geocaches for there

After a great deal of personal research into the sport of geocaching, I
fully understand your concern and I was hoping that these geocaches would
be relocated as soon as possible to prevent interruption into the activity.
If you are able through your organization to contact the owners, please let
them know that are no penalties at present time with Frontenac Provincial
Park and I would be happy to return these geocaches in person.

The Rideau Trail entrance from County Road 10 and Frontenac Park is adja
cent to private property. Should this geocache be relocated in this area, I
would strongly advise the owner to consult with the land owner as is
recommended by the format instruction for locating geocaches within your

Frontenac Provincial Park is a park that contains many different species of
flora and fauna and is constantly being researched and inventoried. We are
blessed with Species at Risk such as the well known Black Rat Snake. We ask
the public who visit the park to try to keep all activities to trail and
campsite areas to prevent any possible disturbance to unknown sensitive
areas that may change during natural processes.

The "Loads of Toadstools" Geocache had waypoints that were not easy to
locate and required a great deal of searching as was noted in the log. A
rather large area had been disturbed by persons searching and this was very
evident upon our arrival. With the increase in the number of people
enjoying this challenging and fun activity, it was also evident that new (
what we note as spur trails ) were beginning to develop from the main trail
with all three geocaches.

To respond to the more general question of why we have removed these
geocaches, there was evidence given in the logs that one had been opened on
more than one occasion by wildlife with the contents causing litter. We are
also concerned that some of the locations off trail were at high elevations
where injury could occur as it did with one geocache being located just on
the boundary of Charleston Lake Provincial Park.

From a park enforcement perspective, there is evidence within the logs that
some traffic to these geocaches had entered the park from a non designated
point of entry. All persons who utilize vessels such as canoes and dingy,
must be permitted with a camping or daypass permit and must enter a park
from the park entrance or designated point of entry.

I am also very concerned that many children do have access and it was su
ggested in one log that this geocache contained a camera with photos of
persons who had "skinny-dipped" to the geocache very close to a popular
campsite. I am therefore very concerned that eventually somebody will
stumble across a cache site within a provincial park and seriously corrupt
it's contents for fun with offensive material or abusive substance.

The management team at Frontenac Provincial Park have consulted with the
Ontario Parks Planning office who are at present time corresponding with
geocache organizations. Some of this information is available in the
geocaching forums and I would recommend contacting the organizations to
monitor the progress and talks with Ontario Parks.

I hope I have provided the information you were requesting and I may be
contacted at the park office if you would like more information with
regards to our policy at present time. The phone number is 613-376-3489. We
hope you will continue to enjoy the parks and trails that Ontario has to

Yours truly,
Daryl G. Furber
Park Warden,Frontenac Provincial Park

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