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  • Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 12:24:45 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

It looks like Root and I are not going camping this weekend, so we are not going to pick up the confiscated Loads of Toadstools cache. If anybody wants it, then feel free to contact the Trail Center and make arrangements. If you talk to Tick & Nammie about Divergence Returns again, maybe they will let you pick that one up too, and you can get two ammo boxes stuffed with goodies.

I tried to contact znp about their cache in Frontenac Park earlier this week but they never got back to me. A recent geocacher could not find their cache, and since it was pretty much sitting out there in the open I think it must have been confiscated as well. That cache contained a disposable camera with 27 undeveloped pictures of geocachers on it.

Below is the email I received from the park warden.


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Hello, I am sending this email to inform you that after careful examination, it 
determined that the geocache " Loads of Toadstools " and two of the mini caches 
were found
to be within Frontenac Provincial Park boundary and have been removed.

This geocache can be picked up at the Trail Center should you wish to relocate 
Physical geocaches are not permitted in Ontario provincial parks at present 
time. Ontario
Parks has policy that all physical geocaches will be removed by the owner or 
park staff
under the direction of the Park Superintendent.

If you have any questions and require further information, please contact our 
Superintendent, Mr. Lloyd Chapman at 613-376-3489.

We hope you will enjoy future visits to Frontenac Provincial Park.

Daryl Furber
Park Warden
Frontenac Provincial Park

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