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MessageWhat he said, I also take my coins to the events so cachers can see them 
and Discover them.

You don't always have to log you personal items into and event but you should 
log other coins and TB's into the event that will end up with someone else at 
the end of the night.

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  I drop geocoins and TBs into the event, let people discover them and then 
retrieve them a few days later.
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    Quick question from a newie cacher...I am looking forward to going to the 
Friday the 13th Event cache, this being my first event cache.  I was wondering 
about dropping coins to the event. 

    I understand how dropping a coin into the event gives an opportunity to 
move coins along, similar how you would in a physical cache.  But from what 
I've read, it seems people bring coins to events to let people "discover" them. 
 If you want to do that, do you drop them into the event cache inventory and 
then fetch them back after the event?

    Looking forward to meeting some of you in person next month.



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