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I'm planning on doing the two pre-approved caches in Frontenac Park this
weekend.  I think ones called Divergence Returns Again and ZNP(1)-Number
Nine.  Where are your caches located? 


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Root and I spent yesterday afternoon hiding a multicache in a very beautiful
part of Frontenac Park. There is an official Rideau Trail parking spot to
leave your car, and the hike is just under 12km round trip. The three film
cannister micros containing the redirects are all in scenic spots with grand
views of the surrounding area, and the cache itself is next to a waterfall.

In the car as we were driving home, feeling exhausted and very happy, I
suddenly remembered that new caches are not being approved on Parks Ontario
land. Arrrgggghhhh. Do I feel stupid, or what?

I was going to email cache-tech just to make sure, but it says right on his
geocaching.com profile that he won't approve caches in Ontario Parks. 
Oh well. If anybody wants to go in and bring the cache back, you won't be
disappointed with the scenery. Otherwise, Root and I will go and clean
everything up ourselves. Maybe next weekend, or the one after. Perhaps we
can move it to a nearby trail that meanders in and out of Frontenac Park,
and put the cache on the outside.


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