[kag] Re: Depot Lakes, anyone?

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Saturday June 17 works for me.

However I leave for course on 24 Jun, so I must be home by noon for a "Daddy & 
Alex day".

I'll head out early (like 06:30) and confirm the final resting place of the 

Hoover - please call me at work this week (541-5010 local 2103), and I'll tell 
you my cell number (I'm a wee reluctant to post that on the net).

When you lot are passing Verona call me and I'll make sure I'll meet you.


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How about June 17th? Or maybe the middle of July sometime?

As I said before, I'll need a ride from Kingston. But I'd be happy to pay 
for gas and bring some snacks for the trail.

On the way up to Depot Lakes there are two caches right by Highway 38:
The Verona Wonder (GCVQWF) and Another Fishin' Creek (GCK5XR).

Once we get there, Third Depot Lake is very nice for canoeing and 
exploring small islands, in case anybody would rather do that than hike 
along the trails.


On Tue, 6 Jun 2006, Lucas.DG@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi all
> I do remember which tree the first point is on, and I am pretty sure I 
> know which log the final one is - those in the middle, though...
> I'm looking forward to it, but please don't plan your lives around me - 
> two military courses, a 5-year old and a 3-month old sort of mean my 
> time is not my own.  That being said, I am good to go on almost any 
> weekend except this one and then 24 Jun - 09 Jul and 05 Aug - 20 Aug.
> Dave
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> I've heard back from everybody I thought might know, and it seems that the
> final coordinates for Diamond After the Rough may indeed be lost in the
> sands of time. But maybe if enough people head out and search for it we
> might be able to find the lost tag under the fallen tree and log a find
> for an archived cache. I think it would be quite an enjoyable day whether
> we find it or not. In any case, Long Way From Home Depot is a sure find.
> Probably.
> I'm free most weekends but I'll need a ride from downtown Kingston to
> downtown Third Depot Lake. What dates are good for everybody?
> --Hoover

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