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Ah, that's too bad, jtee. I emailed Walmsley this afternoon and told him I thought the cache page needs to be updated, and also offered to help him fix it up. I hope everything works out in the end.


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jtee found Cedar Surprise (Traditional Cache) at 6/28/2005

Log Date: 6/28/2005
well rellly and i found the original spot where the cache used to be and there 
a small container there saying it had been moved and sorry..no new coords or
anything..so we did sign the piece of paper as having been to the cache
location..we did try to find the new spot..we didnt have a laptop with us so we 
no idea who edmund gunter was or what kind of measurements he was associated
with..and we did find a couple of unexpected markers on the rocks but which one 
it we were actually supposed to find..we also couldnt find any old boat yard or 
remnants of one..and this new spot is supposed to be easier than the original 
we didnt think so since we spent so much time looking everywhere only to come up
empty handed..i think that some kind of new coords are needed for finding the
cache..especially if you take the time to canoe over to the island..

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