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Yeah, I was afraid of that.... nothing I do seems to get me back! Domage...

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  I'm seeing you on the Kingston list, but not on geoqueont.

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  Already books have been recovered!

  Newbie cachers KLC found their very first cache, "Fire Box" by GriffinDog, in 
search of the book placed by munnikm of the CBC!  Team Mammoth has scored at 
"Over a Beryl" after the piece aired, and quiggly quigglesom trekked through 
the darkness searching out "Aragog's Lair"!

  Aside from "GAG7 - Book Trader", and perhaps "Aragog's Lair" I didn't think 
the 'All in a Day' broadcast mentioned the caches we chose by name, but three 
books are gone already! For the record the other cache is "Thor's Comic Cache". 
Good hunting everyone!


  BTW - I don't think I'm getting out to the geoqueont listserv anymore, is 
anyone else having trouble with it? Don? Can you hear me?.....

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