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Looking at the centre of push pins on a map is the traditional way of 
geographically profiling.  Dr. Kim Rossmo formerly a detective inspector 
with the Vancouver Police Dept. has pioneered the use of GIS for 
profiling.  The algorithm he developed takes into account all sorts of 
germane factors and does not simple identify the centre of mass.  These 
are factors such as traffic patterns (escape) comfort zones, and, 
social-economic factors.  He is quite famous in the Geomatics world, and 
now runs a private consulting firm which is the go to firm used by 
police around the world. Koopy take note.

P.S. Centre of mass would put Bluelamb's home in the middle of the North 

Lib Mendonca wrote:

>I haven't seen anything in the Ottawa media about the bones. I hope we're 
>talking about an archaeological find and not a crime scene?
>On a related topic, I was having a pint with grizzlyG, Tripper, and Zartimus 
>at a local  just before they went off to bag one of my newer caches 
>(Ottawa's Bridges - Pretoria) and Zart pointed out how geographical 
>profiling was used to locate serial killers. The killer's home base is often 
>located in the center of a plot of the locations of the bodies. (Another 
>interesting use of GIS?) Zartimus believes you could use the same procedure 
>to derive the home of a geocacher.
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>>At least they didn't find anything when they cleaned up CFB Kingston's HQ
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>>>Well they just found another set of bones at RMC in an old building.  I
>>>think that brings the total for Kingston area to 3 in the past week.
>>>Well Koopy I guess you will be busy for awhile, don't worry its the slow
>>>season for geocaching anyway.
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