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Hoovers right on the campers thingy... and if they deny virtuals you wont
even be able to put one right in the middle of a campsite, trail or parking

Like I said, If I were a Jedi.. or better yet, a Sith.  Yeah, if I were a
Sith, I'd really show 'em.


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On Thu, 5 May 2005, Lloyd Baker wrote:

> Due to caches being banned in Ontario Provincial Parks and Parks Canada,
> will become of the present caches?  I for one have at least 4 trips
> for the coming months to hit caches in Frontenac, Charleston Lake and
> of the St. Lawrence.  Will we be able to have one more summer to enjoy
> or are we out of luck?

My understanding is that owners of caches in provincial parks will be 
contacted and given one year to remove the caches themselves. After that, 
the parks will remove them on their own. As for federal parks, I think the 
cache owners will be given the opportunity to retrieve their caches with 
the park staff. All that being said, the park wardens can probably (and 
have in the past) just go out and remove any caches they don't like.

If you have any caches you *really* want to get to, then just to be sure, 
I would go before Victoria Day when the parks swing into full gear for the 

I agree with Dave Lucas about how "leaving no trace" is pretty much 
impossible when geocaching, and I think the parks have every right to 
refuse caches within their borders. But I also think that regular campers 
do way more damage then geocachers ever could and it's a bit sad that our 
hobby seems to be getting the short end of the stick.


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