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I remember it, because initially, I got blamed for it due to the temporal
proximity of me placing a cache when the bomb report went in (even though my
cache was a good 5 km from the bomb report).

Yes, it was a camo tube that someone thought was a bomb, so he took it home
and threw it in his recycling, then called police.  

"Look dear, I found a bomb and brought it home for the kids!"

Last year someone else found a cache in an ammo can on NCC property,
complained to the NCC (who understand geocaching) and nothing happened, so
they called police who came, took it away, opened it up, found a geoSquid
card and blamed me again. 

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On Tue, 2 May 2006, Lloyd Baker wrote:
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Heh. At least the bomb squad didn't go in with the RCMP and mountain rescue
crew. If I remember correctly, there was a cache a couple of years ago that
the Ottawa bomb squad decided to detonate. Does anybody remember that?
Wasn't it a PVC tube painted in camoflauge colours?

-- Hoover

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