[kag] Ambitious Snorkeler back in place!

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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 20:07:02 -0400

Hey all,

Tonight I made a maintenance visit to Ambitious Snorkeler and replaced both the tennis-ball marker and the stage 2 cache box itself.

It's now a green paint-can style thing, and is clearly labeled as my Geocache. It's situated on a flat rock on the debris pile from the wharf. Also, all the goodies are now tied/clipped onto a line running through the can (heh). The lid is also tied to it as well as secured with a bungee cord. So hopefully even if it takes a tumble, everything will more or less stay together.

Bring your own pencil for the log, I couldn't find a non-wood pencil to include (wood swells in the water). There are, however, several blank divers' logbook pages tied into the cache for your signing pleasure :)

Would the next person to find it kindly add a rock or two to the bottom of the can for me please?
It's not floaty like the last one, but it has almost no "weight" to it.

TALLY-HO!!!    Teeheeheehee


P.S. Water temp, for the curious, was about 60°F.

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