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Mines in general are dangerous places... any owner is bound to be as careful
as you are.

Any decent topo map will show mines on it - there is one on Vanluven Lake,
in Verona (N of Kingston by 26 KM).  However, given that at one point
someone owned the mine then, it stands to reason that someone owns the
property now.

That being said there is one in Frontenac Provincial Park (but there is a
moratorium on caches in parks, no?)

Choo Choo Boy

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Well I do have an abandoned Mica Mine on my property, but we run into 
the insurance problem again.  Also we don't like to disturb the bat 
residents to much.
If I do come up with a cache idea it will have to be very restrictive, 
because the trip to the mine will have be under escort by myself.  
Actually the insurance problem is property wide, too bad because I have 
some great spots.
Any ideas from anyone?
Remote Sensor

Hoover wrote:

>On Fri, 28 May 2004, Lloyd Baker wrote:
>>P.S. If all goes well, I may even(with a little help) lay a scuba cache,
>>this regions first, should be fun.
>There are 5 or 6 shipwrecks in the Kingston area. Were you thinking of
>hiding a cache near one of them, or did you have something else in mind?
>Rock climbing, SCUBA diving.... What else can we come up with? Anybody
>know if the Hell Holes caves are big enough to hide a cache in?
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