[kag] 1701eh Memorial Geocoin

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:41:04 -0700 (PDT)

1701eh Memorial Geocoin
  As most of you probably know by now, on August 26th we all lost a good 
geocaching friend in 1701eh (Tony)?you can read more about it here in the 
forums: http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=142582 
  Over the past couple weeks a few of us geocachers thought it would be a nice 
tribute to Tony, and for all he has done for the geocaching community, to 
create a special memorial geocoin in his honour.  After much thought and 
discussion, we approached Tony?s son cruise448788 with the idea and have his 
support. We are working closely with Landsharkz http://www.landsharkz.ca to get 
this coin made and they have come up with some wonderful artwork. Landsharkz 
will also be contributing to this project and in addition, Groundspeak has also 
made a donation to this project.
  There will be both an Ontario Only version and also a Standard version of 
this geocoin available for sale. A very special 3rd version will be made and 
donated to the family and will not be available for sale. The 1701eh Memorial 
Geocoin coin will be geocaching.com trackable and will have its own icon. 
  This geocoin will be sold for cost and be funded by pre-orders only. We 
decided to sell these coins at cost and if anyone wanted to donate to the 
family or the Canadian Cancer Society on 1701eh's behalf, they could do so by 
their own choice. I am handling all of the pre-orders for Ontario. If you are 
from Ontario and would like to purchase some Standard or Ontario Only versions 
of this beautiful coin, please send me an email through my geocaching.com 
profile or to res2100@xxxxxxxxxx This geocoin will be available in Ontario for 
pre-order until about September 24th. Payment for your orders are due 
immediately and these funds will be used to finance the coin. After this date, 
only the Standard version of this geocoin will be available for order through 
Landsharkz and will be available to anyone. The actual coins should be in hand 
around the end of October.
  The cost/price for the 1701eh Memorial Geocoin is only $6.50 (Ontario Only 
and Standard versions are the same price). This is quite a deal considering 
what is going into the making of this coin. See shipping chart at the end if 
you want your coins shipped.
  About the 1701eh Memorial Geocoin:
Geocaching.com trackable with it?s own icon.
38mm (1.5 inches) diameter
3.5mm thick copper or brass base metal
2D and 3D
Laser engraved tracking numbers
3D version of the Enterprise.
Canadian red maple leaf.
Geocaching stats using a 70?s sci-fi computer font.
Outer circle will be a red glitter with epoxy coating.
It will say geocaching.com ?trekable??note the unique spelling. 
  The following are the finishes that we are currently contemplating doing:
Ontario Only version:
Two-tone: black nickel (text side) and antique silver (front)
Standard version:
Antique silver both sides with black soft enamel behind the enterprise. The 
writing, stars and moon would be raised polished antique silver, the maple leaf 
red soft enamel paint 
  Note that the above finishes are what is currently being proposed and may 
change once we receive the samples. 
  See the attached files to view the current artwork. Please submitted your 
orders as soon as possible. If you know of anyone else in Ontario that would 
like some of these coins, please let them know.
  Let's make this coin a huge success and help in keeping Tony in our thoughts. 
He will definitely be missed.
     $     6.50 
     $      2.50 
     $      9.00 
     $   13.00 
     $      2.50 
     $    15.50 
     $   19.50 
     $      3.00 
     $    22.50 
     $   26.00 
     $      3.00 
     $    29.00 
     $   32.50 
     $      4.00 
     $    36.50 
     $   39.00 
     $      4.00 
     $    43.00 
     $   45.50 
     $      4.00 
     $    49.50 
     $   52.00 
     $      4.00 
     $    56.00 
     $   58.50 
     $      5.00 
     $    63.50 
     $   65.00 
     $      5.00 
     $    70.00 
     $   71.50 
     $      5.00 
     $    76.50 
     $   78.00 
     $      5.00 
     $    83.00 
     $   84.50 
     $      5.50 
     $    90.00 
     $   91.00 
     $      6.00 
     $    97.00 
     $   97.50 
     $      6.50 
     $ 104.00 
     $ 104.00 
     $      7.00 
     $ 111.00 
     $ 110.50 
     $      7.50 
     $ 118.00 
     $ 117.00 
     $      8.00 
     $ 125.00 
     $ 123.50 
     $      8.50 
     $ 132.00 
     $ 130.00 
     $      9.00 
     $ 139.00 

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  Is anyone headed overseas in the next little while??
  Would like to see him at least hit another continent.

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