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It is the washroom situation at the park and to my knowledge, no picnic
tables, at my age the washroom situation is a serious issue.  We could meet
there or put a sign or both. I will call the restaurant and let them know a
small group 10 - 15 might be coming Sunday, is this okay?

N 44° 20.299 W 076° 08.915 (Co-ords according to MapSource) 790 King St. E.

Helen Baker
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> I am not sure what to do about the restaurant. It seems that everybody
> wants to meet at MacNeils Landing now instead of the park. Is this true?
> I guess the best thing would be to meet at the park and wait to see if
> anybody unexpected shows up, and then head over to the restaurant. Or
> maybe we could just put up a sign in the park.
> Does anybody happen to have coordinates for the restaurant?
> Comments? Ideas?
> Hoover
> On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Helen Baker wrote:
> > Checked with the restaurant on the weekend, they are open 8 - 8 on
> > but I doubt if they would throw us out right at 8.
> > They have a group of 30 coming and would have no problem accomadating
> > another small group. We should give them a rough idea of numbers if we
> > going there.
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