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Anyone recommend a good dental lab?My guy just hired newbie and I am not 
happy!over ditching = short margincrappy anatomy.Taking up unnecessary chair 
time.LeoPS.  Last patient no showed, call him and he is still at work.  He 
works in Alexandria.  Well, front desk got his credit card number for next 
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That is a great idea. Can you share the sample "patient firing letter". 
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Weekly question
Last minute cancellations and no-shows drive me crazy!  As many of you already 
know, there is no great solution to this.  
This is what I USED to do in my office:  At their initial visit, patients must 
sign the Broken Appointment Fee Agreement which pretty much says without 48hr 
notice, pt will be charged $$ per half hour of appt missed.  I stopped doing 
this because it started the whole patient-practice relationship on a sour note. 
 And besides, we rarely could collect the broken appt fee and we've lost the 
NOW, pt signs no agreement.  We just verbally ask them to give us plenty of 
time in case they must cancel.  Most pts are very good about keeping their 
appts.  There will always be a few who repeatedly cancel/no-show.  For those 
few, we just send them a PATIENT FIRING letter to get them out of my practice.  
This is so that I can concentrate more on the majority that are good pts and 
get rid of the few that give us most stress.
Good Day,
PaulPaul Lee <cjrdad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Forum,
I hope all is well.  It seems this summer is just flying by!  
I know some of you showed interest in doing CPR cert.  Unfortunately, the last 
instructor we had apparently retired.  So, if any of you  or  know of someone 
who is a CPR instructor, please let me know.
This week's question:
"What office policies have you found to be effective in dealing with patient 
Stay Cool,

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