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I've used the Kotz book from Cengage in the past and liked it, but I'm
currently using Zumdahl 6th ed. (Houghton Mifflin) for my AP class and I
think it is a very good text for the course.  In fact, I'm probably
going to just adopt the next edition when we are ready to adopt again.
I have found that the Zumdahl book is the most widely used text for AP
Chemistry and there are great resources to back it up.  They have a
wonderful online Blackboard site you can subscribe to and the students
have found it very useful for their work.  In addition, there is a great
website www.sciencegeek.net <http://www.sciencegeek.net/>   which was
set up by a teacher in California who uses the Zumdahl book.  He has
online quizzes and notes as well as good powerpoints all made for the
Zumdahl book.  I have utilized all these resources and more. 

What I really like about the text itself is that it does a good job at
not only showing how to work the problems, but takes time to really
explain and understand why things work as they do.  This is essential
for those that study for the AP exam as it has been shown that the
conceptual understandings are what you really need for the multiple
choice section.  Others are good (and most are similar), but overall I
think Zumdahl is the best I've used to date.


PS The sciencegeek website also has a section Chemistry I based around
the Modern Chemistry text.



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We are adding chemistry 2 back again next year after 5 years off. What
textbook are those of you who offer this course using? (It will be a
class for college credit, similar to AP)

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