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  • Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 10:33:20 -0600

If you have good things to share--links, worksheets, labs, assessments--share 
them!  Send them to me and I'll put them on the website.  So many teachers look 
for new and fresh ideas and even though you may not think your stuff is 
outstanding, it may be new and different to someone else!

Also, we're talking with KATS about hosting a chemistry-strand at KATS Kamp 
this fall.  The bonus for us is that we'll have an existing infrastructure to 
work with and allow us to gain new members.  The bonus for them is that it may 
draw more chemistry teachers to KATS Kamp as it would increase the chemistry 
offerings significantly.  If you're interested in presenting let me know, or if 
you're interested in attending and have ideas that you'd like to see 
presentations about let me know that too and we'll try to find people to 
present on that topic!  We talked about having it all on one day to allow for 
those that only want to come for one day and hit the KACT sponsored activities 
and then they could stick around for the second day or go home if they need to 
(family, etc.).  How does all of this sound to people?  Of course, it's still 
all pending working it out with KATS...but I thought I'd check to see if people 
would be interested!

Kelly Deters

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