[KACT] Re: impact?

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 09:31:03 -0600

That's so funny.I bet it was hysterical.and definitely rememberable!



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The fairy tale gave me an idea for a visual that I used.  

 I took two tables that were a little apart and labled one the land of the
haves and the other the land of the wants. I have students make stuffed
moles when we learn about moles, and so I put some of those and some graham
crackers (to represent grams) on the haves table. I explained that the grams
and the moles want to go to the want table, but the distance is to far to
jump (throw a few moles off the cliff to illustrate). The moles decide to
build a bridge to cross, and ask the grams to help, but they refuse to do
any work. The moles build the bridge and cross. The grams decide they want
to go across the bridge, but the moles won't let them as they refused to
help. Some of the grams hide inside  a mole skin, and then are able to

Some of the kids liked the visual (others thought I was just plain nuts, but
that's nothing new!)


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I used the "Stoichiometry Fairy Tale" that was provided by a member sometime
last school year.  The project created a visual for many students that
weren't getting it.  I soon started to see doodles of the fairy tale beside
an occasional problem when the student was flashing back to the construction
of the project.  When students were doing group practice, some would use the
fairy tale as a map when leading the group.


Thanks to the KACT member that made the "Stoichiometry Fairy Tale"

Good luck, Kelly.



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Subject: [KACT] impact?


I'm working on the Entry 4 for my National Boards and one of my
"accomplishments" was founding KACT.  But I need SPECIFIC impact on student
learning in order for it to be considered an accomplishment.  I have my own
stories, but those count as "learner" accomplishments.if anyone else has a
story about impacting student learning from the result of KACT formation,
I'd love to hear it.that way starting the group would count as a "leader"
accomplishment as well! :-)




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