[KACT] Re: impact?

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The contributor of that teaching strategy was Angie Stockam at Maize HS,
one of our KACT Regional Representatives and a National Board certified
chemistry teacher, who teaches in the classroom next to me.  I am glad
others have benefited from her expertise and willingness to share.
Susan B. Arnold


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I used the "Stoichiometry Fairy Tale" that was provided by a member
sometime last school year.  The project created a visual for many
students that weren't getting it.  I soon started to see doodles of the
fairy tale beside an occasional problem when the student was flashing
back to the construction of the project.  When students were doing group
practice, some would use the fairy tale as a map when leading the group.


Thanks to the KACT member that made the "Stoichiometry Fairy Tale"

Good luck, Kelly.



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I'm working on the Entry 4 for my National Boards and one of my
"accomplishments" was founding KACT.  But I need SPECIFIC impact on
student learning in order for it to be considered an accomplishment.  I
have my own stories, but those count as "learner" accomplishments...if
anyone else has a story about impacting student learning from the result
of KACT formation, I'd love to hear it...that way starting the group
would count as a "leader" accomplishment as well! :-)




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