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One of the things I use to teach Stoichiometry is the three step method:

           1)  Go for the moles! (change all quantities to moles)

           2) Compare (compare the moles given to the moles wanted)

           3) Go Back! (change the quantities back to the units wanted)

I have a cheer that I do for the kids called Go For the Moles!!!! .. Man!.
Once they have seen a old, fat lady to that cheer, . they DO NOT forget it.
( I have kids coming back from college telling me when they started stoich
in college, the memory of that cheer all came flooding back to haunt them.
Ha!)  I don't know if that will help any... N



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Okay everyone I need some help here!


We are to the stoichiometry chapter in chemistry.  I tried to introduce the
chapter by putting a recipe on the board and asking how much of each
ingredient we would need to double the recipe, half the recipe, and so on.
Then I tried to use the same analogy to move to chemical equations.


So far we have talked about mole-mole problems, and mass-mass problems.
Some students still cannot make the transition from the recipe idea to the
chemical equation idea.  


How do you all introduce it? Do you have any little tricks to help the
students better understand the concept?  Thanks for your input.


London Reif

Hoisington High School

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