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For the limiting factor I use the "S'Mores" approach.  The kids really get
into that one.. N



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I, too, use the recipe example...so I can't give much help with a different


For limiting reactants, I use the "sandwhich" example.  If it takes 2 pieces
of bread, 2 piece of cheese and 3 pieces of meat to have a sandwhich, how
many sandwiches can you make if you have...(and then give a bunch of
examples).  Or you can use the brat example (brats come in packages of 5,
hot dog buns in packages of 8...what's the limiting reactant).  Those two
have cleared up limiting reactants for most any student I've explained them
to...but that's assuming you've already worked through the "muck" of
stoichioemtry to begin with.


Maybe somebody will have another idea.






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