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Next year Salina Central will begin requiring an earth/space science class for 
graduation, taught at the freshman level.

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I am interested in how other districts address the KSDE graduation requirement 
for 3 credits of science, specifically the requirement for earth and space 
science concepts.  I copied the sentence below directly from the KSBE 
regulations for graduation requirements:

"three units of science, which shall include physical, biological, and earth 
and space science concepts and which shall include at least one unit as a 
laboratory course"

Do you offer an earth science course?  If so, at what level?  If not, where do 
you cover the above requirement?  At Maize, we have Geoscience which is a 
district graduation requirement and is offered as our freshman science course.  
What do the rest of you do?

Any input would be appreciated!  Hope you all are having a great year!

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