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  • Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2005 09:01:28 -0500

We're gaining members often...and I have a feeling there's more out there that 
just haven't gotten around to it!  I know how busy we can all be!  But if 
you're getting this email than you're one that's found time already!

Just some updates--

The webpage is password protected--use your email address as your username and 
the password you put on the membership form.  If you have any problems getting 
in, let me know and I'll double check it all to make sure everything's spelled 
right, etc.

I hope to wrap up the officer positions in the next week or so--I'm still 
trying to find volunteers for 3 or 4 positions...if you've thought about it, go 
ahead and volunteer!  Once the board is in place, we can begin "real" 

Now that we are up and running...give me all you've got!  What weblinks do you 
use in your classroom or for resources?  What great labs, activities, hints, 
tests, etc., do you have that you can share with others.  Don't assume no one 
would want to see your stuff...I'm sure we each have things others haven't 
thought of or gotten around to, yet.  I truly want to make our webpage a 
one-stop shop for chemistry teaching resources...and I need everyone's input to 
make it that way!

Also, if you have any ideas for professional development, workshops, outreach, 
programs, services, opportunities that you'd like to see...let us know!  I want 
to be a group "for the people" and provide things you really want!

Just a reminder on ListServ workings--replying to a ListServ email will send it 
to everyone.  Try to remember to include your personal email address in the 
email so that if people want to email just you, they can.  Also, when replying 
to a digest, put in a "subject" that applies to your topic so that it doesn't 
show up as "Re: Digest" or something like that.  To change your settings, visit 

Thanks so much...I'm so excited about this group!

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