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That's a great idea.  For those voting in the future, vote for the periodic 
table one as if the tear looked like the state of kansas tear.  For those that 
have already voted (7 of you)--let me know if it would change your vote and 
I'll a tally in the column!

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What would be really cool is to have the one from the periodic table if you 
could somehow make the tear on the tellurium make the whole block look like the 
shape of Kansas.  It might take a little creative blending in Photoshop, but it 
would look neat. 



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Subject: [KACT] Vote for KACT logos


A husband of a chemistry teacher, Crystal Tiller, graciously worked on logos 
for us.  I can't decide because I like them both...so let's have a vote!

Rather than attaching them to an email, for those that have slow email or have 
schools that block attachments, etc., I'll place them on the KACT website.  Go 
to http://www.kschemteach.org and click on the Vote link on the right side of 
the page.

Thanks, Kelly 

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