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  • From: "Deters, Kelly" <DetersK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 08:51:12 -0500

I know everyone is swamped with the end of year...thought I'd update you =
on the progress of the formation of KACT so far:

--I've changed the constitution to reflect the suggestions of 1-year =
terms (with the exception of the conference chair).  The updated =
constitution is at http://web.haydenhigh.org/detersk/constitution.htm
--I have the paperwork filled out and ready to file for the formation of =
the not for profit group in Kansas--it was very short.
--I have the paperwork ready to look at to file for the not for profit =
status for the IRS--that needs to occur within the first 27 months of =
formation, so not a real big rush on it.
--The ListServ is up and working (that is if you get this message!)
--I have the basic webpage made and ready to put in fabulous links and =
resources from all of you for us to share.
--Someone is in touch with the Wichita section of the ACS about helping =
us get started.  I'll probably contact the other sections this week with =
the same request.

What I need:
--Fabulous links and resources (labs, demos, websites, information about =
grants/opportunities, reviews of what's been in science education =
journals lately that applies to chem, etc.) to include on the webpages
--Great labs, demonstrations, teaching tips, or other resources =
(upcoming opportunities, etc.) to include in the fall newsletter that =
will go out to all the chemistry teachers in the state encouraging them =
to join (the newsletter will also include information about the group, a =
call for nomination of officers, a membership form to join, etc.)

Kelly Deters

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