[KACT] Update on KACT and requests

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  • Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 09:42:31 -0500

Hope all had a great summer and are ready to go for the fall!  KACT is ready to 
launch this fall!  Send in those membership forms (found on the website below) 
and check out the updates below!

Updates on what’s been done for KACT:
--registered with state of KS as a non-profit corp
--bank account opened at UMB
--received $100 from KSU ACS local section as start-up money
--1st newsletter being made
--A couple of teachers have already started to send in their membership forms!

What I need soon…probably in the next 2 weeks:
--a summary/article about ChemEd for the newsletter
--a summary of a favorite webpage/internet resource that you use to teach chem

About the website:
--current location: http://web.haydenhigh.org/detersk/kact/index.htm
--it will be moved to http://www.KSChemTeachers.com when we get a few more paid 
memberships or more donations from local ACS groups so that we can pay for the 
site for the year.
--the site is currently available for everyone to view (the form to nominate 
officers won’t become active until the pages are moved to the new location next 
month)…but after we have a larger membership the “members only” area will begin 
being password protected.
--“The members only” area will be as good as we make it!  Submit anything and 
everything that works well in your class for the Teacher’s Resource pages! 

What’s next:
--the 1st newsletter will be sent to all teachers registered with the state as 
chemistry teachers—it will solicit members and include a call for the first 
officers (after this edition, it will be sent to members only)
--first officer nominations will be due by the end of October, then we’ll vote 
in November and the first officer group will begin work in December.
--the officers will begin to get together activities for the group for the next 
year and plan the first conference for Spring 2007!

Kelly Deters
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