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  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 08:14:40 -0600

For Chemistry 1 I give a 50 to 60 question mc test with 2 or 3 lab stations.  
For Honors Chemistry 1 I give a 100 question mc test.  I don't do in class 
review because it is a waste of time.  I list 4 or 5 times before/after school 
when students can come for a review session.  I give out a study guide telling 
them what they can use for the final (PT, calculator, 1 page hand written 
notes), and question categories with number of questions.

My final is weighted 10% because we have an exemption/waiver policy so the top 
students aren't taking the final.  I'm giving an honors final right now and 5 
students are here.  Anyone with a 96% is automatically exempt from the final.  
If a student is absent 2 days or less they get a waiver they can use in any 
class as long as they have an 86% or higher.

I always curve the final exam scores.  This is the only test I do curve, but 
because of the above situation I feel it is necessary.

Deborah Dilloway
St Thomas Aquinas HS

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