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I think it is a great idea.


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>I think this is a terrific idea70; N
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>With the discussion of the shirts, etc., Robert proposed that
>it be used to raise funds.  I thought it would be a great idea
>to raise funds for a student scholarship.  Then Robert
>generously suggested that his Law Practice would be willing to
>make a donation to supplement such a scholarship.  So perhaps
>with some of the membership fee money (other than what's needed
>for other things), some from T-shirts and some from other
>donations, would could offer a scholarship for a student
>studying chemistry.
>What does everyone think of the idea of having students write
>an essay on why they'd like to study chemistry and what they
>hope to do with it and then have a committee select a winner? 
>We could send a letter to every high school and announce the
>scholarship...that way students from all high schools would
>have the opportunity...not just those with teachers that are
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