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We are only testing the juniors; pulling them out of their science class for
the day of the test.  We are not doing any kind of review or prep for the
Lisa Fields
Wichita Northwest

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How many people are testing students other than the mandated juniors this
year?  Are you testing kids in chemistry on the physical science test if
they're sophomores or are you waiting until they take physics (if they take
physics)?  The kids that take chemistry as juniors have no choice--they will
be tested before they take physics no matter what.  I think it would be
easier to just test all kids in chemistry on the physical science test and
review with all of them at one time rather than just the juniors in
chemistry and then just the juniors in physics.  Especially since we have
kids that don't take physics their junior year after chem as sophomores, but
might take zoology, anatomy, etc., and come back to physics as seniors.


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