[KACT] Re: Question from Terry re: labeling

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To those who wonder what I was referring to when I asked about labeling
chemicals.  In the latest Flinn Safety form it states that "State and
federal OSHA organizations have stated that chemical labels must include the
'the specific physical or health hazard(s) including target organs
affected."  Therefore Flinn recommends name, concentration, hazards and date
prepared be on all prepared chemical labels.  Now I put name, concentration
and date prepared (if keeping it) but not the others.  

Just checking around to see what others are doing.



Terry J. Tinich

Chemistry/Physics Instructor

Pomona High School

Pomona, KS  66067






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I'm not sure what you mean by "all that info" and the Flinn fax - I just
include the concentration and the contents.  What I like about my method is
that it is easy to change contents and re-label. Just peel back the tape
using the tab and wipe clean the overhead marker. 

I did attach a Paint file that has a (very) crude diagram.

Bruce Palmer


Leavenworth High School


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Subject:  [KACT] Question from Terry re: labeling
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I reread the newsletter and just got a Flynn safety note.  How do
you/all get all that info on a bottle used only once for one lab

Terry J. Tinich
Chemistry/Physics Instructor
Pomona High School
Pomona, KS  66067

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