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  • From: "Penny Blue" <pblue@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2007 11:10:22 -0600

We are also planning to change things around due to the science
assessment and regents requirements.  We plan to offer a ?Foundation
of Physics? class to all freshman next year.  Like Bruce, we see this
as an inquiry based (laboratory) conceptual physics class using only
basic algebra skills.  Calling it ?Foundations? and making it a lab
class allows us to count this class as one of the three science classes
required for qualified admissions.  

According to this plan,  the sequence for a ?typical one science /yr
student ? will eventually be:
Freshman * Foundation of Physics
Sophmores * Chemistry or Foundations of Chemistry 
Juniors * Biology
Seniors * Physics, A&P, Bio 2, or nothing

If accelerated students would like to move through the sequence faster,
we feel they could double up taking chem and bio together or bio and
physics together.

I have a kind of flow chart describing this sequence.  I would be happy
to e-mail it out to anyone interested in looking at it.

Penny Blue
Chemistry / Physics
Lyons High School
Lyons, Ks

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