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Some of you have asked about Modeling Instruction offerings.  Emporia
State University is offering a course this Summer.  PH 700 Modeling
Physics Concepts.  It will meet July 2-13 from 9AM - 3:50 PM M-F. (3 hrs
credit) Earl Legleiter (the man who taught me to model) will be teaching
the course along with Dr. Jorge Ballester.  If you teach Physics this
would be a great experience for you.  If you are interested in the
Modeling curriculum in Chemistry, you would still probably benefit from
this as it would let you see how the whole approach is done and would
help you in your understanding of Physics as well.  If interested, you
should contact Dr. DeWayne Backhus at ESU.  

http://www.emporia.edu/physci for further details

There is external funding from a NASA space grant for this workshop, so
you might not have to pay.  You will need to contact them for details on

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