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  • Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 07:59:58 -0600

Thanks for sending me that and the contact.  It looks like a great

>>> DetersK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 11/10/05 04:00PM >>>
The KU local ACS section contacted me today and is enthusiastic about
working with us to help them provide outreach to the HS teachers (he
says most of their focus lately has been on elementary and middle school
outreach and they'd like to begin to focus on HS as well).

With that email, he attached a flier abou their Carnival of Chemistry
this Sunday.  He said to bring people of all ages for a good time with
science!  Unfortunately, I have to be at an open house at the HS at that
same time, but I thought I'd pass it on to all of you.  If you feel like
venturing to KU Sun afternoon for some science fun, enjoy!


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