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We at Goddard have been playing with Constructing Chemistry: by Jason
Neil,  Website:  www.chemistryinquiry.com
<http://www.chemistryinquiry.com/>   Haven't had a lot of time to
implement it yet, as we just received the CD, but it appears to be well
written and as an old pro at constructivist physics teaching, I do like
the approach that Neil is taking.  I feel it did help the kids on the
first unit I tried. 


The CD is about $50.00 which contains all worksheets and modules or you
can buy a hard copy for $125.00.  This is the price for one teacher in
your building.  If you have more than one teacher teaching chemistry
with it, you are supposed to buy one copy of the CD for each teacher.


It is hard to work inquiry into the curriculum since inquiry approaches
take a lot more time.  Usually you have to sacrifice content for process
in this case.  In my physics curriculum (I use the Arizona State
Modeling Physics Program <http://modeling.la.asu.edu/modeling-HS.html>
), I cut almost half of my content out to make the entire course inquiry
based.  It nearly killed me to do so, but my students understand physics
so much better now, I realize it was worth it.  I don't know what I'll
have to do yet to make this work for Chemistry. 



Scientia non habet inimicum nisp ignorantem.


Bradley L Cline

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Goddard High School

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I don't know about you but I have had a hard time working inquiry into
my curriculum. When I would go to a workshop the topic would swing
toward inquiry in the elementary setting.  So, I purchased a book called
Teaching Inquiry Based Chemistry: Student-Led Scientific Communities.
ISBN # 0-325-00671-7


It is geared toward high school chemistry, is only 118 pages, gets to
the point, and gives suggested activities for units.  The authors are
realistic in that they realize inquiry and teacher led instruction need
to be balanced.  You may choose not to implement the full strategy but
there may be bits and pieces that would fit your style.  


Trina Adams


Marysville High School

785 562 5386


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