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This was in the NSTA e-newsletter last night.  Thought some others might be 
interested.  When I get a few minutes, I'm going to take a look at the 
KS-specific stuff.
Kelly Deters

New Publication from Chief State School Officers Provides National and 
State-by-State Data on Science and Math Education 
The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has released a new edition 
of their biennial series, State Indicators of Science and Mathematics 
Education. The report provides key trends and state-by-state comparisons on 
teacher supply and quality and on course enrollments in high school and middle 
level science and mathematics courses.
This year's report shows increased enrollments in higher-level mathematics and 
science courses: 50% of graduates completed four years of high school math as 
of 2004, and 72% completed three years of high school math. As of 2004, 60% of 
graduates completed high school chemistry, and 25% completed physics.
During the 2003-04 school year, 48% of all high school students were taking a 
higher-level math course (above algebra 1), and 31% of all high school students 
were taking a higher-level science course (chemistry, physics, or an advanced 
course in any field).
In science, an average of 85% of high school teachers were certified in 2004, 
and 63% of middle grades teachers were certified to teach science. In math 89% 
of high school mathematics teachers and 61% of middle grades mathematics 
teachers were state certified. Read more about how your state's science and 
math education stacks up against other states at 

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