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My mom teaches upper level biochem at the University of Central Florida and
she's not giving finals in any of her 3 courses this semester--she says
she's given them 5 tests already and the semesters that she's given them a
final exam it doesn't really affect their grade at the end of the semester
as some assume that it does--most students' letter grades didn't change (I
see that in my own courses as well--students, with a few exceptions, are
remarkably consistent in grades).

I personally would prefer a cumulative performance/authentic assessment that
integrates understanding from the semester rather than a typical
multiple-choice exam that I'm required to give on the last day...but what
does a mere teacher know that could possibly be better than administration?


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Sorry to say but many colleges are NOT having semester finals but just 
another exam (this is in many classes not just chem). We say we are 
prepping kids for college but themn they come home saying they never had 
a final. Confusing!

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