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Something I do that helps get things going is to give them "appointment" 
sheets.  I drew a clock on a sheet of paper and put 12 lines with the hours 
listed.  At the beginning of the year I have them go around and make 
"appointments" with all the other students in the class. They keep these 
appointment sheets for the whole year. Then, I say "discuss this 
______________, with your 1:00 appointment."  I will give them a few minutes, 
then they go to their 5:00 appointment or whatever and so on.  I usually have 
them meet with 2-3 other people.  As they progress they have to bring up what 
their other meetings discussed.  Then, when we come together as a group, they 
are more likely to discuss as a group.  Maybe that will work for you.  Good 

>>> "Kelly Deters" <kellymdeters@xxxxxxxxx> 8/23/2006 8:39 AM >>>
I'm teaching freshman for the first time ever and it's an "empirical
science" course (pre-chemistry content) that focuses on deriving
understanding from lab experiences and class discussions.  My problem is
they don't discuss!  I ask a question and the room is dead silent!  I have
an incredible wait time and they still don't answer!  I'm so used to my
upper-classmen that jump in all the time and I never have to push.  I know
they'll loosen up eventually, but any tips?

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