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THat issue has come up here too. The kids think that if they have a good grade, 
or a grade they are satisfied with, then they should not have to take the 
final.  Some teachers feel this is an incentive to get kids to class. I don't 
agree. Nearly all my kids have good attendance rates.  The kids think that if 
they have been tested over the material once, they should not have to do it 
again.  I am not sure where that is coming from, but we are getting that a lot. 
 I am going to fight it as much as I can.  I am trying to prepare kids for 
college along with teaching them, and they need to understand this is the kind 
of thing they can expect to see in some college classes.

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I give a 46 question multiple choice test in advanced Chem II, and in my
Physics class.  The Chem I final has more questions (not as much
mathematical problem solving as the former two) and is also multiple
choice.  I have seen the same thing as Kelly.  The students are doing
very poorly on the finals.  I just got the results tabulated from my 4th
Hour Physics and the class average on the final was 69%.   The class
average for all the unit exams for this semester is an 84%.  Why the
huge fall off?   The final, in many ways, is easier than any of the unit
exams.  I've seen similar outcomes in my Chemistry classes as well.  I'm
really not sure what to make of it, but it is frustrating.


We have also has a huge number of students protesting that if they got a
good grade for the semester thus far, they should get a exemption from
the final exam.  In other words they shouldn't have to retain any
information for the semester nor should they have to review the
material.  I'm not sure where this idea got started in our school, but
it has become a greater issue each year.  The staff was surveyed and
only a slight majority 54% wanted to make all students take finals.  The
slight minority wanted to do away with finals altogether or give the
exemption for A students. 


I weigh the finals as 15%... maybe I need to make it worth more... how
do others weigh the final?





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I was just curious, what do others give as their "final"? 

I used to give 75 MC questions (the only time I do MC) and let them use
a notecard. 
Now I give half that many questions and they use the front side of a
piece of paper. 

I've found my students less and less able to perform well on finals,
even though their performance and effort throughout the course hasn't
had the same problem (especially the last two years when I redesigned my
course--now their effort and interest is greater than in the past).

I also used to give them 2-3 days in class to prepare for it, but over
the years they did less preparing and more wasting time...now I just
give 1 day and even that gets wasted!

Anyone else have the same problem with finals?  I know it's that time of
year...but it seems to be getting worse over the years! :)


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