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I give comprehensive finals in my classes.  I give them a studyguide about 3 
weeks before the final and we spend one day in class reviewing.  There's 
usually about 90 MC question and 15 problems. They get two days to do it.  Some 
kids perform very well, some do not.  I have found over the years that when I 
give them time in class to work on the study guide, most students do not use it 
very well, so I have gone to just one day to review.  We are on a block 
schedule and our classes are 94 minutes long.

>>> DetersK@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12/19/2005 11:00:40 AM >>>
I was just curious, what do others give as their "final"?

I used to give 75 MC questions (the only time I do MC) and let them use a 
Now I give half that many questions and they use the front side of a piece of 

I've found my students less and less able to perform well on finals, even 
though their performance and effort throughout the course hasn't had the same 
problem (especially the last two years when I redesigned my course--now their 
effort and interest is greater than in the past).

I also used to give them 2-3 days in class to prepare for it, but over the 
years they did less preparing and more wasting time...now I just give 1 day and 
even that gets wasted!

Anyone else have the same problem with finals?  I know it's that time of 
year...but it seems to be getting worse over the years! :)


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