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We had a policy for years where students could be exempt from finals if they
met four conditions.
1.  Had at least a 70% in the class
2.  Had no zeros (not handed in or late papers)
3.  Had fewer than four absences from the class (not including school 
4.  Had never been tardy to class.

The last week before finals the teachers were inundated with students claiming
you lost their papers, that our attendance records were wrong, or any other
strategy to try to get out of taking the final.  It was a hassle and a mess.

In addition, the result of the exemption policy was that many of our college
bound students were leaving high school having never taken a comprehensive
final.  Many of these students were coming back to us after the first year or
two of college telling us stories of how unprepared they were for college 

We got ride of our finals exemption policy two years ago.  Now every student
is required to take a comprehensive final.  

We also had a surprisingly large number of parents that favored getting rid of
the exemption policy.

Alan L. Vancil
Rose Hill High School
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