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Kelly.Janice Crowley has signed up too.  She will be doing  "Don't Have a
Clue" Labs.  She gives her students labs to do.  They have to come up with
the procedures. Every time they have to ask for a clue.. She deducts points.
I have the full description in the car and will email it to you tonight
while I am at home.  We also are asking a prominent ACS member to speak on
what the ACS can do for high school teachers at the luncheon.  I figured 15
to 20 minutes at max.  Janice wanted to inform the membership about the new
ACS testing policies and why we should be using them in our classrooms.  By
the way, she said she had sent you a couple of emails but has not heard
back. I was wondering if you are receiving them all right.  She wants to
join and is a very willing person to help with lots of stuff. I will email
you her address when I get home.By the way.is this the correct address to be
emailing you to just talk to you personally or is this the one that sends to
every one????  Not that I have any secrets. just wondered?  N



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Check out the conference information...we've already had 7 proposals for
presentations...looks like good variety, too! :)


www.kschemteach.org and click on "Conference" on the left side.


You can register online and pay online, or print it off and register with a
check in the mail.





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